The Sixes

Best Book of 2014.

The Sixes by Kate White is by far one of the best books I may have ever read. A couple weekends ago during a trip to Santa Barbara, I was telling a friend how much I adored Gone Girl, and she recommended this book. After finishing the book, I can’t even decide between the two thrillers which one I liked best.The author, Kate White, was actually the Editor of Cosmopolitan, but then decided to leave in order to begin novel writing. I am sure glad she did, because this book was addicting!

The Sixes was just as exciting and intriguing, which explains why I finished it in a week. The book is about Phoebe Hall, a reporter who begins teaching at a college where a secret society is discovered. When deaths start occurring as well as other incidents, Phoebe begins investigating to find out what is happening at Lyle University. Every time I thought I figured out who was responsible for the killings, the book gets completely twisted up again and you’re stuck reevaluating your assumptions. I definitely recommend this book to readers who enjoy the thrill and being so involved in a book that it becomes so important for you to finish to find out where the story goes.